Introducing Spaceform Glass Christening Presents

As our baby Ivo starts to grow bigger, we’ve started to think about his christening. Neither my husband nor I are very religious, but we’re keen to mark his birth in some way, and we can’t get excited about a naming ceremony. We’ve chosen four godparents, and I’ve been looking at the various ways in which we can thank them for agreeing to be part of Ivo’s life. One fantastic option would be Spaceform’s glass christening presents. Spaceform creates handmade glass frames and tokens, designed to mark special occasions. You can choose from engraved glass photo frames, paper weights, and ‘tokens’ {solid blocks of glass engraved with a particular message}. The star paperweights {pictured below} are my particular favourite – wouldn’t they work perfectly as momentos? Or we could choose the Christening frame, and include a picture of each godparent and Ivo. If you’ve been asked to be a godparent, then do take a look at the pictures of the personalised tokens. You can arrange for them to be engraved with a personal message – a lovely way to add your own touch to an important occasion.

{Product Credit} Medium Christening Paperweight Star £24.95

{Product Credit} Miniature Christening Token £8.95

{Product Credit} Large Glass Christening Frame £29.95

{Product Credit} Personalised & Engraved Cross & Heart Christening Tokens £55.00

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