The Best Baby Monitor in the World

A baby monitor is a key buy for any new parent. For the first few months it’ll be your lifeline, as you try to persuade yourself that your baby hasn’t stopped breathing the moment you turned your back. I literally carried mine around with me, such was my paranoia! If you’re new to this world, there’s three broad categories – sound, video, and the all-singing-all-dancing movement monitor. I’ve tried the first two types and both were excellent. We started with the BT 250 Digital Baby Monitor – which had rave reviews from my sister, and many of my friends. The base glows a gentle orange, and it plays nursery rhymes, but to be honest I only used it for monitoring. It works across a decent distance {through old, stone, farmhouse walls}, and never let me down. We only changed because Ivo started rolling at a really young age, but could only roll onto his tummy, not back again. This completely freaked me out, so I decided to buy a video monitor. I hugely recommend the Motorola MBP36 Digital Video Baby Monitor – the night vision is fab, the monitor is really big, and basically it’ll be your new TV. I can’t count the number of times I’ve stopped myself disturbing Ivo unnecessarily when he’s cried out, because I can see on the screen that actually he’s fine. You can even speak to your baby remotely, although I’ve tried shushing a few times, and it doesn’t really work!

{I want this!} 1.  BT 250 Digital Baby Monitor, £46.50 | 2. Motorola MBP36 Digital Video Baby, £99.99

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