What You Need in Your Baby Changing Bag

As I was writing my last blogpost about my amazing PacaPod Mirano, I realised it might be helpful for new mums to have a list of all the stuff you’ll need in your baby changing bag. I was all about being organised before my baby arrived, so my baby bag was packed and ready to go at least a month before my due date {Ivo was late, but babies can be early!}. I did a massive Boots shop online, and had three boxes of baby supplies delivered {see my Essential Baby List}. It seemed a bit silly at the time, but honestly, once your baby arrives, your brain literally stops working, and the simplest of tasks can seem overwhelming. The more you can do in preparation beforehand, the better. So……here’s my conservative list of what you should pack in your PacaPod {other baby changing bags are available!}…..

 2 nappies for every hour you’re out the house, plus one for luck {start using Pampers & then move to supermarket nappies once you’ve got the hang of things}
 a full-ish pack of baby wipes {you’ll be amazing how many you need}
 nappy bin bags
 foldable changing mat
 pot of Sudocrem {an oldie but goodie}
 hand sanitiser
 full change of clothes
 at least three muslins and bibs
 extra large muslin for general use – my favourites are aden & anais swaddles
 two spare sterilised bottles
 two spare punnets of milk / food if they’re weaning
 your wallet, phone, Oyster card {for Londoners} & keys
 iPhone charger {my phone is never charged}
 don’t worry about make-up, etc – you won’t have time to put that on for many months!

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