The Sandpit Blog reviews Motiongate Dubai theme park

This week I reviewed Motiongate Dubai with my family. If you’re looking for a fabulous day out in Dubai, you couldn’t do much better than this world-class attraction. We’re so privileged to live so close Dubai Parks and Resorts, not many children grow up with a massive theme park complex half an hour away from the city. Alongside Motiongate, there’s also Legoland Dubai, Bollywood Park and the Legoland WaterPark, and they all stay open late into the evening, so you could easily visit two in one day. (At the time of writing both the Legoland Parks were closed because of the Covid-19 pandemic).

The entrance of Motiongate Dubai Theme Park

Motiongate only re-opened to the public at the end of September, and they’ve introduced all sorts of measures to ensure that visitors are safe and socially distanced. All the rollercoasters are sprayed with disinfectant in-between rides, and gaps are left so you don’t end up sitting right next to someone you don’t know. This does mean that the queues build up a bit faster, so you might want to considering a VIP queue-fast pass.

The new John Wick rollercoaster will open at Motiongate early next year.

If you’re a regular visitor to Motiongate Dubai, there’s more to come. In the last few days, Dubai Parks and Resorts have announced two new rides are set to open at the theme park early next year, and they’re both themed around massive movie franchises. There’ll be a ‘John Wick’ rollercoaster, and the ‘Now You See Me’ ride will be the world’s fastest single-car spinning coaster. 

Meeting ‘Toothless’ from ‘How to Train Your Dragon’ at Motiongate Dubai

My tips for the day:

  1. Arrive as the doors open at 11 am.
  2. Go straight to the most popular ride and enjoy the lack of queue!
  3. Young children are will enjoy the Shrek and Smurf areas the most. Plus there’s a lovely old-fashioned Merry-Go-Round in the Madagascar area.
  4. The scariest rides are the Madagascar Mad Pursuit and the Capitol Bullet Train. Do them both twice – you get more out of them the second time. You’re just holding on for dear life on the first round.
  5. We were blown away by the quality of the food. Our favourite place was in the Kung Fu Panda area where we feasted like fat bears at Mr Ping’s on Fried rice, noodles  and spring rolls.
  6. Save the DreamWorks area for the middle of the day because it’s all inside and air-conditioned.
  7. If you love your rollercoasters, it’s worth buying an annual pass, because they’re offering 15 months for the prices of 12 right now.
  8. Otherwise, make sure you look out for offers on the Entertainer App or Qidz.
The Smurf’s Village at Motiongate Dubai

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