If you’ve always fancied yourself as something of a superhero, you’re going to love the latest beauty trend. LED masks shine a particular wavelength of red light at your face, with the aim of reducing wrinkles and improving collagen production. In the short-term they make you look a bit like Ironman, but in the long-term your skin should look plumper, firmer and younger.


There’s plenty of masks on the market, varying in price from AED 600 to nearly AED 8000 for the Déesse Professional, and you can even go to aesthetic clinics for more powerful rays. Beauty guru Trinny is a big fan of The Light Salon, as is fashion designer Victoria Beckham. My mask is from FaceLITE, and comes recommended by my friend and aesthetician Aysha Awwad of Medico Beauty.

I’ve always been slightly suspicious of beauty products that claim the earth, but the science behind FaceLITE sounds believable, and Ayesha raves about how effective it is at smoothing and brightening her skin. The mask’s soft red glow has even been proven to lift your mood; by increasing your serotonin levels it helps combat Seasonal Affective Disorders (SAD).

After 2 months of using FaceLITE three times a week for 10 minutes, I’m pretty impressed. It hasn’t totally changed how I feel about my face, I still have far too many wrinkles, but my skin does glow and I look more youthful. The mask is incredibly easy to use, you just strap it on and press the button. Its helpful battery pack means you can get on with your day; answer emails or make a cup of tea while on the glow.

So is it worth the AED 1550 price tag? Yes, particularly during the pandemic, when you might be missing your usual collagen boosting treatments.

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